AFSCME Local 1624

AFSCME Local 1624 will hold a voting session at an upcoming general membership meeting to amend our local constitution to make changes to our local dues structure. All current AFSCME Local 1624 members are eligible to vote. We will announce the date to vote for these changes at least 30 days in advance. The meeting will be held at the AFL-CIO building (11th and Lavaca). We will update all members after the Texas legislation session is closed and any tax rate caps are finalized.

AFSCME Local 1624 has not changed or increased the membership dues in over 10 years. The cost to operate our local union has increased significantly over the same time period.  There has also been state legislation that will eventually change the way our local collects dues from city and county payroll departments. These changes will result in substantial increases in our operating costs which would effect our ability to represent our members.

Please take a few minutes to look through the slide presentation below. The presentation gives more details on why the changes are needed and what the new dues structure will look like.